An RPZ Valve (Reduced Pressure Zone) is a device which protects backflow of water, providing protection against the contamination of mains water supply, up to and including fluid category 4 (a fluid which represents a significant health hazard due to the concentration of toxic substances). What this means is clean water in the mains water supply cannot be contaminated by water flowing back into it from your system. It is there to protect not just you but all systems connected your water authority.

Under the Water Industry Act 1991, property owners have a responsibility to ensure that every water system in their premises is safe. This means that the water system must contain an acceptable device to prevent the backflow of water from connections between the 5 different fluid categories. An RPZ valve is the most effective type of backflow prevention device that prevents this from happening and protects up to fluid category 4.

Commissioning and testing must be carried out by a qualified and WIAPS approved tester highly skilled in identifying corrective maintenance which might be required.

RPZ valves must be serviced, tested and certified in accordance with the Water Suppliers requirements annually by a WIAPS accredited engineer. The test must be completed within 30 days of the existing certification expiring and the certificate sent to your local water authority.

Legionella Management Solutions offers WIAPS approved RPZ valve testing and installations by our experienced RPZ valve engineers and cover the whole of the UK.

We can usually arrange to carry out work at short notice and can provide you with certification, valve repair, valve replacement and servicing.